No Longer “Paleo” – part 1

Hi, everyone!!

It has been many months since my last post. As I’ve noted earlier, I had to stop blogging for a while due to school and commitment issues.

I was also having doubts about my blog’s purpose and its content – the food. I was not proud of my style of eating, which was “in courses.” I didn’t really prepare myself with a proper meal, but instead went back and forth the kitchen like 3 times for a full, satisfying meal.

While I still, do the “course” thing for dinner (because it’s my biggest meal), I have to state here that my eating style have drastically changed.


“What? I thought you were anti-vegetarian?” Some may say, if they looked at my older posts saying “meat-phobia” was a conspiracy and things like Calf Liver and Bone Broth were nutritionally wholesome.

Well, now I know THAT WAS A CONSPIRACY. It was the Meat & Dairy industry and some people into Money-Making that was putting up studies like ‘dairy is good for you!’ or ‘you need your protein and fats!’


The biggest influence I had was the “Paleo / Primal Diet” which advises people to not eat grains, legumes, and dairy, but instead meat and vegetables, with little fruit. It’s main argument is that food items like grains were not existent in paleolithic times and people were healthy without it.

When I learned more about it through websites such as Mark’s Daily Apple and Robb Wolf etc, I stopped eating bread, or any cereal/legume foods, and told my mom who had been eating rice all her life (just l ike many generations above) that rice was bad. Of course, my mom still ate rice, but I started to eat meals high in fat & protein (with avocadoes, oils, seeds, nut butter etc), my main starches coming from sweet potatoes and kabocha squash. I limited my fruit intake to one a day, and treated myself with things like greek yogurt or goat yogurt.

Slowly things have changed. First of all, I discovered the “Perfect Health Diet” which is basically the same as paleo, with more proportions of starches, including white rice. I wasn’t fully convinced that “white” rice was good for me, but I did begin to include more grains to my diet – such as brown/wild rice and buckwheat. (You can tell from my older posts how I experimented with different grains, including sprouted wheat)

I should say my major change in diet began with youtube.

As a health-conscious person, I discovered the “renegade health show” by Kevin Gianni. He’s a high raw-foodist who has hundreds of wonderful, educational videos on youtube. And from that point, I became intrigued by this plant-based diet AGAIN. (I was once a vegetarian before and have also read books such as Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder).

And then I discovered the infamous durianrider, who is a 100% raw vegan who posts many ‘offensive’ videos on youtube criticizing the paleo folks and etc. At first, I was offended, and when I posted comments on his videos, I got BANNED. LOL. But one of the advice i took from him was to check out Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselsystyn, and Dr. T Colin Campbell.


I know there is this “China Study: Fact or Fallacy” post by Denise Minger, which I have read before. BUT, when I saw Dr. Colin Campbell’s formal response to her article, I was convinced that my former belief had been wrong.

OK, who would you believe? A Cornell professor with decades of thorough, dedicated research in Nutrition, or a 20 year old blogger who has a degree in English?

Then there’s Dr. McDougall. I LOVE Dr. McDougall’s works. His videos like the Starch Solution (also a book), Perils of Dairy, and many FACTS – such as that All Successful Human Cilizations (as in they had art, technology, etc) GREW in STARCH, in fact, grain-based diets have completely convinced me that plant-based was the way to go. PLEASE watch that video above, and you’ll know what I mean. Should I mention here that gladiators were vegan (and were not obese!!!) that ate mostly Barley? (hello, gluten!)

ImageAnyways, there’s also this video about whether human are designed to eat meat. Check this out, it’s eye-opening.

I personally find these doctors like Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Furhman, and Dr. Campbell who have helped save the lives of thousands of people in clinical settings WAY MORE CONVINCING than others who insist “cholesterol is good for you.”

THE BIGGEST epiphany came with first, the movie “Forks over Knives” and second, the Primitive Nutrition Series on Youtube (or on this website). There are about 70 videos, and although this may offend some people and put some of us into sleep, it covers the “Paleo/Primal Diet” myth very very thoroughly with literally hundreds of references in the video. – such as the famous Masai, Eskimo-model that ate mostly meat and were presumably “healthy,” um….are found to be in bad health, or there’s something behind. Once you watch ALL of Primitive Nutrition Series, you’ll realize what the truth is. Well, at least what I think as the Truth.

So that was Part 1 of my “no-longer” paleo journey. I must say here that I am not some kind of very-well educated scholar like the doctors I mentioned above, but I aspire to be one, one day, and that I have great interest in health and nutrition in general. I will post more reasons about why I am eating & living as a vegan and my thoughts on the vegan diet as well.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “No Longer “Paleo” – part 1

  1. I read your entire post and I will look at many of the things you cited. However, I have heard the arguments against some of them but I am honsetly too exhausted from my post today to go into it right now. but I am not turning down your opinion at all, I am very open to it and will definitely look into your sources more

    • aspiringsteph says:

      Thank You for visiting, Lauren! I posted 2 comments on your blog post today, and I hope I don’t tire you even further. I will also re-examine some of the things I’ve posted. Oh, and I hope I don’t sound too stupid in my posts or comments…afterall I’m yet a uni student!!!

  2. Gina says:

    I’m happy that you’re blogging again! Good to see you finally found your solution πŸ™‚
    Though veganism does sound reasonable and convincing, I’m keeping my diet… for now. (Actually, I just had a steak. My mom cooked it on a Le Creuset frying pan and it tasted better than the restaurant ones.) But you inspire me so much with your enthusiasm about health! As I told you before, this summer I’m planning on doing some exercise with my mom, because I realized that I’ve gained so much weight in Vancouver, probably due to the lack of physical activity. Any suggestions for aerobic exercise? And we’ll stay in touch!

    • aspiringsteph says:

      Hey Gina!!! I suggest you start by walking – that’s how I started to do some exercise in Japan. Once you get used to walking, you can try doing “Interval training,” mixing walking and running. And then as you get more comfortable with running, you can increase the length of your running interval. That’s pretty much how I still exercise if I’m outside or on the treadmill. Otherwise, i just use the machines in the gym πŸ˜‰
      For toning & strength building, I suggest you check out Tone it Up – you can look it up on google or youtube!

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