Weekend Lunches

Summer has finally come here in Western Canada and I am so delighted to see the beautiful sunshine through my window.

When the weather is warm, I tend to crave cool, crunchy, delicious salads as my meals. This is just a quick post showing what I ate yesterday and today as my lunches!


Giant salad with spring greens, celery, sea veggies, herbs (oregano, basil), lemon juice; 1/2 block (4oz) tempeh with plenty of barbeque sauce & cayenne; about 3/4 cup sticky(glutinous) brown rice sprinkled with cinnamon. It was a protein packed, filling, delicious meal to satisfy my appetite post workout.



And today, I had:


Another giant salad with spinach, celery, basil, 1 large corn (raw), basil, cayenne, lemon juice; 2…i mean, 3 brownie-muffins I made yesterday.


The girl likes her sweets πŸ˜‰ (and her stainless bowl)


I have my FINAL GRADE 12 EXAM tomorrow, and fingers crossed hope I do well!! It’s English, my weakest subject, so I’m actually really nervous. To make it worse, this exam is going to be worth 40% of my final English mark! Urrggh…. srsly I don’t get the purpose of this -_-

Tomorrow’s post will be about CARBOHYDRATES, that carbs are your FRIEND, not your foe. Until then, bye and wish me good luck!

-aspiring ❀


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