No such thing as “humane meat, eggs, or dairy”

1.You may have thought your “free range,” “cage-free” eggs were healthy…but are they really?

Cage Free Eggs : Behind the Myth.(Please watch the whole slideshow in this link and share)

Well I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to my dad or any of my male relatives if I want them cancer -free.

“the truth”

how is this humane?

put yourself into this position. These chicks have lives, too.


…seriously…? why support this when you are aware of it?

Please…you know Cholesterol is bad for you anyway…

2. Do you still really want to eat meat? What if scientific studies show they are just plain BAD for you?

(Also check out the Harvard study suggesting less meat consumption)

Yes, I am aware of the arguments that this study did not consider the other lifestyle factors, neither the whole “grass-fed” beef. But as a person who does not believe meat is ideal for human physiology, our health, nor the environment in the first place, I think I’d trust Harvard and Cornell (Dr. Campbell).

3. What is humane meat? What is humane dairy? Or is there no such thing?

Behind the Myth: Happy Cows (below are just few slides of the entire slideshow)

so the cow is kept pregnant to produce milk consistently

because they are regarded “useless” – just like male chicks

…no words…

please stop contributing to this violence.

Please check out this full slideshow. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE MEAT OR DAIRY!

Not only do you not need meat or dairy for healthy body, but you also save yourself from so many illnesses.

4. A meat&dairy, or cruelty-free diet can help you thrive in old age.

How I went from a Cancer Patient to a Triathlete.

…I’m too sad to say any more…

please….help save yourself, help save the animals, help save the earth.


One thought on “No such thing as “humane meat, eggs, or dairy”

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