Fun things in last few days…

Hey guys!

Sorry if I scared you off with my last post with rather distressing photos and a rather PETA-ish message. But I really feel the truth has to be spread so people would start paying attention to these horrible issues and take responsibility for our earth’s future.

Today’s post is going to be filled with brighter pictures, showing you all what I’ve been doing & eating in last few weeks! As many of you may already know, my school finished and I’ve been having really ‘chill” times doing whatever I feel like. It didn’t last long, however, because I had to start packing for Korea! I arrived here on July 2nd and have been very busy unpacking & organizing in our new house that our family moved into about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been helping out clearing out the fridge (aka. throwing out anything processed, like ketchup, mayonnaise, packaged foods past expire date, etc.) and sorting out Corelle Plates.

Why Corelle Plates? Well, Corelle is the most popular brand of plates/bowls/dishes in Korea. On the other hand, it is in fact made of cow’s bones. I wasn’t aware of this until just few weeks ago; damn, I was really shocked. I couldn’t dare throw out every plate in my house, so some of it still exists, but we’re all trying to use plates made with clay as much as possible. Hopefully one day we’ll get rid of all animal products in our house!! (our family is almost-vegan; almost because some of the members like to go loose)

last night dinner table (before rice added)

I made a dish with Shiitake mushrooms, onions, and hot Korean pepper (which I ate mostly of). I actually made the Tofu + Seaweed dish for lunch with my mom; my mom loved it so much she suggested I recreate it for the rest of the family. The other items are lettuce leaves, kimchi, and another kimchi thrown after the photo. The rice was prepared mixed with Korean ‘quinoa’ called Soo-Soo. It’s a cousin of millet and it was surprisingly super sticky!! I’ll snap a picture next time!

lunch for mom and me + another potato

Our house has seriously a lot of potatoes right now, thanks to my Aunt and my Grandmother who have sent their organically farmed potatoes from the countryside. For today’s lunch, my mom and I ate 2 and 1/2 potatoes each, paired with some pickles, and spring greens. Plating done by me! Isn’t it so pretty?


Oops! Let’s go back in time a little bit, shall we? My mom and I ordered Vegetarian Meals (VGML) for our flight, and we were very pleased with the dishes we were served! For our late lunch, we had white rice mixed with some brown rice, steamed green beans and pumpkin, and some sort of eggplant dish. On the sides there were melons, salad with baby corn, and multigrain bread. The 2 cups of orange juice was due to some sort of miscommunication between staffs, probably. It was very delicious!

“late lunch” for Canadian time frame

“early lunch”

Our second meal was even better! We were served some sort of cornbread? with steamed spinach-like-korean-veggie, and mixed veggies with some sauce. On the side there were grapefruit and orange slices, and a salad. I love how they were considerate enough to serve Becel for the bread instead of butter, haha. I didn’t eat the bread though, lol.

By the way, this airline is Koreana Airlines, which is well-known to have Best-OnAir meals in the world. Seriously. Even the non-veg meals are excellent – this is from experience! Not to mention their incredible service during the entire flight. I love Koreana Airlines.


One side note is that I haven’t been able to work out at all for the last 4 days. I don’t really feel bad or anything – just that I want to move my body a bit! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do some serious cardio with some major sweating.

Have a wonderful day!

-aspiring โค

hot in Seoul…lol


One thought on “Fun things in last few days…

  1. Gina says:

    You have just confirmed that we think similar things.
    I was kinda worried that you wouldn’t eat any of the plane food! I didn’t know they had Vegetarian meals… Next time I ride a plane (next year probably) I’m definitely ordering Vegetarian meals from Koreana ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS. Plating looks beautiful, but not as beautiful as you! โค

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