What your meat eats

I apologize in advance that many of my posts recently are very much like what you would often call “veg’n propaganda.” I however feel many of these information is so important for people to know / be aware of.


Back in my meat eating days, I can proudly (?) say that I tried to get the best quality meat I could get, such as grass-fed, organic beef/pork/chicken, and also free-range eggs, and organic dairy. However, it is true that for the majority of my life-time, I just ate conventional meat of animals raised on grain (or shit)-based diets.

I have nothing against grain; if you are still grain-phobic, check out my posts on “Veganism” page. BUT, I do have a problem if the grains that cows, pigs, and chickens are eating are not even “grains,” but junk.

I have a post coming up about this topic in the future, but WHOLE GRAINS ARE IN FACT, NOT WELL-DIGESTED by human beings. When REFINED, it’s actually BETTER DIGESTED & ASSIMILATED. Therefore, we humans have learned to process our grains to minimize fiber and other phytic acids that can affect digestion or inhibit assimilation of certain nutrients.

For instance, we process whole wheat kernels to just refined wheat. The by-product of the process is wheat bran.

There is a hype that this wheat bran is healthy for you and you should consume it regularly. You can find wheat-bran cereal so easily in grocery stores these days. The truth is however, that these are high to insoluble fiber, making it IMPOSSIBLE FOR HUMANS TO DIGEST. Hence the diarrhea that people (including myself) get after eating wheat-bran cereals.

In some countries like Russia or Ukraine, they produce soo much wheat that they have tons of these as byproducts. With that, they make something called “wheat bran pellets,” which looks almost exactly like the wheat-bran cereals you eat.

This is what Most factory farms in the world import as “feed” – food for their livestock (cows, pigs, chicken, etc.)

I’m not going to go into much detail whether this is nutritionally adequate for the livestock, but considering the natural diet of the animals: cows = grass, pigs = roots, plants, other bugs etc, chicken = greens, insects, etc; we can easily assume that this is NOT THE OPTIMAL FOOD for them.

This probably didn’t really shock you. More is about to come:

During transport of these pellets, especially in summer, these pellets GO BAD in their containers. It’s called “Sweat & Heating,” when the temperature is too warm inside the container, the moisture from these pellets evaporates and then condenses at the top of the container. When it condenses, it drops back to the top layer of the pellets as water drops.

And what happens when there’s moisture + carbohydrate + heat? BACTERIA!!! The top layer of these pellets get infested with green, stinky molds, very very gross, indeed.

Wheat bran pellets of release large quantities of water vapor during transport. Wetting and mold damage occur especially in pellets which have been steam-treated, pelletized and cooled and, as a result, were loaded too moist and too hot. Pellets treated in this manner are unstable and have a tendency to self-heating in particular due to microbiological activity. (source)

When this occurs, it is actually impossible to just “take off the top layer.” The containers the pellets are shipped in are very deep, making it impossible for someone to do the segregation process. Plus, the pellets – like your cereals – mix very well. This means that the attempt of removing the top layer would most likely be impossible.

So what do the factory farm workers / feed providers do? They just mix the moldy portion with the undamaged ones! Of course, the animals would get VERY SICK when this is fed. To prevent illness, the workers add TONS OF ANTIBIOTICS & PRESERVATIVES which quite obviously is not beneficial for both the animals that eat it, and the humans that eat the animals. I mean come on, how is this healthful?



But that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Here are some other things that your “meat” eat on its way to your table.  (source)

The funny thing is, that all of these ingredients are LEGAL. These not only indicate how poorly we treat our animals, but also how we may be damaging our own health.

Same species being fed have lead to Mad Cows Disease, and even after some restriction, pig carcasses are still fed to pigs (rendered), chicken carcasses to chickens, turkey carcasses to turkeys. In fact, cow blood and some other cow parts can still be fed to cattle. Basically, humans are encouraging the animals to carry on a form of CANNIBALISM.

(sorry for the grotesque photo) But this is what’s happening on daily basis in many parts of the world.

       Ever wondered if your pooh has any nutrients? Apparently the people of the meat industry thinks they are. They are using manures of other animals for their own animal’s feed. Who knows if the animals are fed their own shit, to be honest.

       And because all those wheat bran doesn’t give enough fiber, they use Plastics to help move ‘stuff” through the digestive tract.

       Antibiotics – pesticides, fungicides, herbicides….All the ANTIBIOTIC USE to prevent the animals living in such UNSANITARY conditions is obviously necessary. Unfortunately, such practice results in stronger antibiotic resistance of new strains of bacteria, threatening the health of not only animals, but also human beings, and perhaps the entire earth.

I think it is pretty clear that the practices I’ve mentioned above are ANIMAL ABUSE, and very very very UN-HUMANE. Of course, one would argue that “Oh, everything’s fine as long as they are grass-fed and stuff.” But is it?

I think we know better. We know that we do not need to consume animals to be healthy, and that these horrible practices would never stop unless the population literally reduce consumption of meat. I am not going to force you to all be vegan or vegetarian. But please DO CONSIDER about changing your eating habits and together making the world a more peaceful place to live.

(For more information about why I personally chose to become vegan, again, check out the “veganism” page above.)

Thank you for reading.

-aspiring ❤



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