photos from past few weeks in korea!

kitchen (in my korean house)

Hey guys! Hope you are still there!

Here are some pictures that have been sitting in my iphone & digital camera for weeks since I arrived in Korea! Hope you enjoy ❀


he “sticky millet” I mentioned before (snapped at the last minute)

Hurriedly prepared sunday lunch (+ more rice)

Green Pan!! New in the house!


why the long face?

new hair!

Aduki Bean Brownies…with Carob instead of cocoa

Eating out at an Indian restaurant “Ganga” – little greasy salad for appetizer

some kind of vegetable curry I ordered
1. was not vegan (paneer)
2. was super super super oily
= ended up eating only the veggies + whole roti


(and now from my digital camera!)

new 1kg, super-cute weights!


notice our new beautiful bowls!! No longer Corelle, but baked with clay!

pasta dinner with wild rice pasta, italian sauce, collards, shitake, cayenne etc

dessert for the pasta dinner = more shiitake, sauce, self-made mochi

and below is a quick, filling lunch few days ago! – 3 parts to it

green lunch (white & brown rice, veggies, seaweed), duduk root, gochujang sauce, (see below for more)

kimchi was added to the meal (not-vegan, but ok); I moved the whole thing to the living room to watch some TV (lol)

and mochi for dessert (for recipe, check out my pinterest board)


and lastly…on one side of the wall of my room….:




Thanks for reading! (or seeing!)

-aspiring ❀


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