Eats lately (in Korea)

Hello!! To keep my blog from becoming one of those boring, full-of-words blog, I thought I would sneak in a post with lots of pictures!

family lunch time! (already half-way through)
= potatoes, cold eggplant soup, Me-Mil-Mook (starch jelly), veggies

You’ll definitely see how I love my carbohydrates – both starchy and non-starchy plant foods – in this post. Low-carb is not for me.

lunch: ~cup quinoa, sweet potato, daikon kimchi, zucchini, veggies

No offense, but I know plenty of people in the blog world who rarely eat these starchy carbohydrates and only focus on fat & protein. You may also be surprised that I’m eating a cup of quinoa AND a starchy sweet potato in the same meal. I believe this is much more better for your health and optimal for our human body for the long term.

lazy tabbouleh with greens, parsley, cherry tomatoes, and 2 cups of quinoa = summer dinner

The picture has only one coup of quinoa. I was too hungry after this, I had to have another cup.

mung bean starch jelly = interesting taste and awesome jelly texture!! lol

Not organic, but grown with “prey-predator” method, in which organisms that eat the insects are grown together so not as much insecticide is required

after some JumpRoping workout: dinner part 1
= cup of quinoa and salad with a whole bell pepper

dinner part 2 = another cup with cinnamon (dessert style!)

dinner part 3 = chia carob cookies

Cookie recipe from

the most delicious peach i’ve ever had = and it wasn’t even organic!!! holy..

dinner i prepared for the family + my aunt

It was pasta with sauce (jarred sauce, zucchini, onion, eggplant, pepper flakes), salad (greens, tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice), and sweet potatoes for people with ravenous appetites for extra carbs = me.

i had that humongous wedge X 2 for breakfast yesterday… about 2kg for just the flesh in total ?


It’s soo hot in here!! urggh

So those were snaps from my iPhone! Stay tuned for higher-quality photos from my Digital Camera next time!

Until, then, bye!

-aspiring ❤


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