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Last Week in Korea and Goodbye

Hi, everyone who’s still reading! Sorry for the absence of posts…

I’ll be honest. I’ve been spending most of my free time watching TV or Youtube for the last few weeks.
I’ve also been addicted to Instagram. I think it’s a great place to interact with many other people with just pictures.
As a visual person, it seems to suit me well.

Today in Korea is Friday. And only in two days, I’ll be leaving to Toronto – a place where I’ll be taking the next step in my journey towards my dreams. In university, I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time keeping up with my blog. I might continue reading a few, but probably won’t be writing my own.

As it is, I think this will be a goodbye post, at least for a while. I want to concentrate on schoolwork and getting to know people off-line. I may be back once I get used to school life and I find myself comfortable in the new environment. However I doubt that would be the case for at least a year.

I’d like to share few photos I’ve taken in the last few days. Just like I’ve said above, I find instagram very interesting. I’ll probably continue to upload some pictures using instagram (and my beloved iPhone). You can find me with my blog name. I don’t have many followers yet, but hopefully I will soon!

simple dinner with a big bowl of aduki bean/kabocha/sweet rice “juk”, kimchi, and greens

sesame date balls – it was heavenly!


lentil soup – i had 2 cups worth for dinner one night…(cuz my family hated cilantro!)

why I prefer instagram: because you can see a huge difference in the mood and quality between the photos you take without and with instagram.


with – so pretty!

and guess what I did with the 1/2 of the beetroot!

Β some sort of raw salad, inspired by Kristina Carrillo-Burcaram (Fullyraw’s) recipe.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed while living in Korea is that every produce here is HUGE! The peach below is quite average here in Korea…

“average” size peach – super delicious

The produce here is also much more juicier and delicious than the ones I’ve had in Canada…sorry;; but true.

big bowl of white rice+millet, steamed asparagus & mushrooms, barbeque sauce, a packet of natto

I’ve been eating a lot of natto – full of beneficial nutrients including Vitamin K2!
I’ve also been eating out at some really nice vegan restaurants. Few days ago I visited “Baru” for the second time, and had Nang-Myen. Typically Nang-Myen is made with beef broth (or synthetic flavors and MSG), but this particular place serves “Temple Cuisine,” which is vegetarian/vegan. It was a huge portion; the noodles could have served 2 people.Β  I was very hungry the time I got there though, which meant I had the entire bowl with just the sauce left. The sauce was made with kimchi and other delicious natural ingredients.

vegan “NangMyen”

My dad ordered Vegetable Mushroom Stirfry, which was really amazing as well.

In this place, you can order foods like my dad and I, or you can self-serve in their buffet section. “Baru” also has a floor serving high quality foods just for people who make reservations. You can find more information here.

vegan mushroom veggie stir fry


Few other things I’ve been enjoying includes: Lots and Lots of Sweet potatoes (korean, starchy chestnut-flavored kind),


tempeh, greens, pepper, beet salad, tomato, bbq sauce etc etc

Fruits, obviously. (One day I ate 5 humongous peaches for breakfast & morning snack)

dark-as-blood plums as snack

and Korean desserts!

korean mochi with black sesame, sweet rice, chestnut, black bean, sesame oil and other sweet goodies

So chewy and delicious!


So I guess that’s it, guys.

I’d like to keep my blog open for a while as there are long informative posts I’d love to share with as many people as possible (the “veganism” page). But you probably won’t see many more posts from now on.

Thank You for all of you who have taken time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it and I sincerely wish to see you again soon.

Until then,


-aspiring ❀




What’s missing – BACTERIA

The more I read about our human body and ecology, the more evident it becomes that Bacteria is such a crucial part of our life, our well-being.

First of all, all living things are organized into three domains: Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archae.

Just by looking at this, we can see the prominence of bacteria in our environment.

Secondly, there’s something called theory of “Endosymbiosis,” which suggests that free-living prokaryotes took up permanent residence in larger prokaryotic cells for mutual benefit, resulting in an appearance of Eukaryotes (cell that makes up plants and animals). This suggests that our primitive form was in fact bacteria, and that all organisms should in fact be living in symbiotic relationships with bacteria.

Third, we have “flora” (beneficial bacteria in our guts) that live in a mutualistic relationship with our our body. In fact, we have much more bacterial cells in the body than our own body cells. These bacteria play a critical role for our immune functions, as well as for synthesizing essential vitamins/nutrients such as Vitamin B12 (yes, B12 is synthesized by bacteria, not animals), and Vitamin K2.

The dead matters of the flora is also what bulks up our stools. This means it’s not only “fiber” (cellulose) that will help for bowel movement, but also a healthy inner flora.

Fourth, bacteria play a critical role in converting atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates, which plants use to produce plant proteins (eaten by animals).

Finally, bacteria, along with fungi act as decomposers, recycling nutrients back to the soil to nourish plants. Without bacteria, there would be no food chain and no life.


So what is the purpose of this post?

Just to show everyone that bacteria is not our enemy.

Of course, some bacteria cause deathly diseases and kill many organisms. However, it is a part of natural cycle to keep everything in balance and we should not be so obsessively weary of bacteria. All we are doing is in fact, creating “super-strains” of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant.

We tend to get overly frightened by bacteria, now producing more “anti-bacterial” soups and all sorts of pesticides. This not only creates a disrupted ecosystem, but also a disrupted health. The antibiotics we orally take is often what cause Candida issues as well as a weak immune system.

We need to get more probiotics into our body and allow them to thrive in our guts. Foods such as kimchi, natto, tempeh, Dwen-jang, sauerkraut, yogurt (although dairy), and naturally-fermented pickles are examples of probiotic rich foods that we should be eating in regular basis. I believe it is also important to eat enough “prebiotics,” such as fruits and vegetables, which become the food of these healthy bacteria.

I believe it is also very beneficial to eat organic vegetables straight from your garden, with minimal washing (you do wash, but not with all the chemicals and stuff) to get the beneficial bacteria from the soil. I firmly believe these practices are what allowed our ancestors to live healthfully back in the days when our soil was not so depleted of nutrients and these beneficial bacteria.

Hope you enjoyed my quick post!

-aspiring ❀

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