Some links I really want to share…


Today, I have some links for those of you interested in reading some real science (on nutrition)!

These are links from a website called “Primal Wisdom” that I discovered few days ago. In fact, I found this website some time long ago, but have forgotten it. I’ve been reading many articles/posts from this, which I think are very very fascinating.

I also have a documentary that I suggest you to watch, showing it wasn’t the meat that allowed evolution, but starch & cooking.


From Primal Wisdom: (These are the author’s reviews of various scientific journals and articles. The analysis is very comprehensive and I also very much enjoyed the debates on the comment section. Highly recommended)

Harvard Meat Study

Is Wheat a Problem? (part 2)

Is Wheat a Problem? (part 1)

Meat and Global Warming

Australopithecus, Human, and Grass-Eating

Raising HDL doesn’t mean you’re heart-attack proof

Morning Sickness: Animal vs. Plant Foods

The Panda Paradox

Arachidonic Acid & Cancer

Insulin Reduces Appetite

B12 and Human Evolution

Meat Free Diet & Mood
He has followed a so-called “paleo diet” for 14 years. And now is a vegan. This is such an inspiration πŸ™‚


And the documentary:

Origins of Us: Guts (1/4)Β  –> I didn’t really like part 1Β  but it all changes from part 2&3.

Origins of Us: Guts (2/4)

Origins of Us: Guts (3/4)

Origins of Us: Guts (4/4)




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