Just one month left…

Until I head to Toronto!! OMG I am so excited.

In one month, I’ll be a university student studying Life Sciences in UofT. I feel ecstatic, and at the same time, very nervous. I sincerely wish that I’ll do well in my first year so that I can major in the subject that I am truly passionate about. It will be difficult I know, and very competitive as well. But deep in my heart somewhere, I know that I can do this. I sense the presence of confidence in there.

Anyway, my part time work has finished as of yesterday, and from today I’ll be reviewing some of the past Biology curriculum, which I have been forgetting. Before that, I decided to pop into my blog and ‘release’ some of the Korean vegan foodie pictures I had in my iPhone and Camera!

the Instant coffee that I’ve been drinking…all gone; which means I’m back to QUIT-mode.

I actually quit coffee few months ago, but lately I could not resist the smell of my coworker’s coffee. I bought a small pack of instant coffee (10 small portions) and finished it. I could definitely notice the ill effects of coffee though; which means I am going to try quitting again.

I’ve been eating lots of fruit: Korean fruits are THE best.

Look at those gorgeous (&huge) peaches!!! Sugar ripe ❀

Simple Lunch of a long korean cucumber, two sweet potatoes, Perilla leaves (dessert followed)

Banana Cornmeal muffin for dessert!


Been LOVING Korean STARCHY corns…this one’s purple

Korean corns are very starchy & sticky. Apparently it’s due to the fact that the content of amylopectin is greater in these glutinous varieties (same goes with glutinous rice). Amylopectin isn’t recommended for people with diabetes as it is too easily digested (aka. faster to enter bloodstream) but for someone like me who has a bad digestion to begin with, the glutinous varieties of rice and corn are more recommended.

a dinner with two corns, one bell pepper, side dishes including Duduk salad, Namuls, and Mung Bean Jelly namul

I had another starchy corn (but yellow one) for dessert after this. Haha. GIVE ME THE CARBS!!!

A meal I prepared for the family!

I made Kabocha Squash, Millet & Corn pilaf, which I’ve made for my mom once before. You can check out the recipe somewhere on my Pinterest board πŸ˜‰ It’s not supposed to look so “SOUPY” like that, but it’s because Korean millet is much more stickier than the millet you get in Canada. Koreans just LOVE sticky foods….(glutinous rice, starchy corn, glutinous barley, glutinous millet, extra starchy potatoes…etc.)


Sometimes I just enjoy rice for nighttime snack…

The above rice was actually cooked with a variety of mushrooms, vegetables like carrots and burdock, and tiny seaweed strips. It’s really good with a touch of herbamere or soy sauce.


Guess what this is?

Yesterday, my mom made something really special. This is “Mushroom Pyeon-Yook,” which is sort of like a substitute for Fatty meat-cuts that koreans like to eat. The recipe was from a Temple-Cuisine cookbook that my mom bought last week. (BTW, I wish those books were in English too, because it’s full of healthful, delicious eats!) It’s made first by getting the moisture out of a variety of mushrooms by lightly stir-frying it, and then by mixing with Agar-Agar solution which have been already prepared. After few hours in the fridge, it becomes a super nutritious, healthful, and delicious jelly!

3 types of mushrooms were used, as well as chestnuts!

My mom ate only 4 pieces from the above plate,which means last night, the rest was…for me πŸ˜‰ It’s great with Gochu-Jang sauce and Greens.


Hope you enjoyed the post! Now it’s time for me to log out and start studying/reading!

-aspiring ❀


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