Grateful of what I have.

Sorry for lack of posts recently!! I’ve been a little lazy, and have also been busy hanging out with my friend, visiting families, and etc…

Before I share the photos, while I was uploading them, I thought to myself this: Wow, I am such a fortunate person.

I mean, there are millions, or billions of people out there that do not get half of what I eat/get/buy daily. Even today, for example, I went shopping for “foreign foods” and baked twice in the afternoon. I wonder how many other can do whatever they want to do, like me, and enjoy their favorite foods as much as I do. I feel so grateful of what I have.

There’s more. If I was to stay in Korea, I’m supposed to still be in Grade 12, getting ready for the “Final Exam (Korean SAT)” in November. I should be sleeping 5 hours a day, studying ALL DAY LONG except for meal time. On the contrary, I’m soooo chill, and I feel so thankful of it (but of course, from september, it will be just as bad).

OK, enough talking – check out the beautiful & colorful photos I snapped in last few days!

beatiful veg plate with Mustard Greens, Ssuk (?), and Pumpkin leaves

one day a delivery came…



expensive figs!!!! lol, but also super delicious!!!

new notebook case, bought while hanging out with an old friend!


Cornmeal Quinoa Muffins

Funny happening: I was short for one Muffin Liner, so I had to use the pink paper cup for the last muffin. It turns out one of the other muffin had 2 Muffin Liners… Anyways, the recipe is from My New Roots, modified by using white quinoa, korean red pepper, and a variety of Korean mint leaves. SOO GOOD & super nutritious with all those chia!!

aduki bean brownies

made using dates (which I got from Foreign Foods Mart in Itaewon, thanks Mipa!), aduki beans, cocoa powder (from High Street Market), vanilla. Based on a recipe on the Copycat Cook.

gluten free, vegan Lemon Drops!! TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE!

IT IS SOOOO GOOD. I recommend you eat this as a very last bite of the meal, cuz otherwise you won’t like the next bite of anything else. This is from High Street Market, but you can check out Alien’s Day Out Bakeshop online!
Now from my iPhone:

beautiful figs!!!

I also got hummus today = Canadian style lunch, with a giant (about 300g from guessing) Korean CHESTNUT sweet potato, veggies…(the lettuce is from my grandma’s garden!)

Various snacking occured between lunch and dinner today: the Aduki brownie, Lemon Drops, etc….

dinner: another giant sweet potato, whole package of Perilla Leaves (wild sesame), the other half red pepper, dried daikon banchan with gochujang, natto

dessert: more brownie, cornmeal muffin, (and unpictured – more sweet potato)

Still full from dinner!


In next post, I’m thinking about writing a more serious matter: getting ready for uni. My anxiety level is rising daily and even though I feel excited at the moment, I’m just as nervous and scared…Whew…calm down, Steph. You can do this!!

See you in next post!

new glasses!

-aspiring ❤

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