We’re opening a Fruit Store!!

…or not…

haha, That’s what my mom said when she came back from a road trip with my dad on Thursday.
They’ve been away for 2 days for a overnight trip at the lower parts of South Korea, exploring a potential hometown in their future.

The thing is, while they were away, I bought few things from the market, such as a package of grapes and a small box of peaches. When they were back, they brought SOO MUCH FRUIT back!

1 large box of white peaches

1 large box of yellow peaches

1 box of figs

1 large of of gigantic Asian pears

1 large box of kiwi fruit (this was actually ordered online)

and things I bought: 1 small box of white peaches, 1 container of grapes!!!

zespri golden kiwis (on top of the washing machine)

the inside = full of kiwis

the other box of peach is inside the fridge now….(that’s a sweet potato box on the very back)

yellow peaches = so sweet and smushy (?), pears on the side

more pears, sweet potatoes, and aloe

the box of figs, now in the fridge


They also brought back:

1 box of sweet potatoes

1 bag of sweet potatoes ( + another bag that I bought)

2 kabocha squashes…



Our house is so full of food right now. The pictures don’t show it all…1) because our fridge is too messy to show the whole situation

2) My family and I already devoured a few of the fruits. 3) My parents actually bought another larger box of figs, but they gave it to my uncle’s family. Thank God.

OK, so that was a really random post (with crappy pictures) of me rambling about how I’m being squished between fruit! It’s true I love fruit, but seriously…this is too much!!
-aspiring ❤


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